Six Unique Buttercream Recipes

From a Pâtisserie Chef

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    The Art of Buttercream

    • Before we dive in!

    • The Art of Buttercream Workbook

    • Bonus Recipe: Honey Meringue Buttercream

What's in the Art of Buttercream?

In this PDF Workbook, you will find all things Buttercream!

It starts with the important stuff: the fundamentals of Buttercream making: the key ingredients role, the importance of temperatures, why does a Meringue Buttercream splits and how to avoid it.

You will also find how to make  my favourite options from scratch: pistachio paste, coffee extract and Nuts praliné.

And of course, the reason you're here, my six favourite (and exclusive) buttercream recipes! 

- Light Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream

- Fruit Puree Meringue Buttercream

- Créme Anglaise (aka luscious custard) Buttercream

- My Chocolate Buttercream

- My Fondant Patissier Buttercream which is my favourite alternative to the American Buttercream, but super silky and smooth... 

- And last but not least, the latest bonus addition, my Honey Meringue buttercream! A silky smooth and floral buttercream that will give your cakes a unique twist!